60ton Digital weighbridge

1>Durable and robust weighbridge structure design and 5years warranty for structure.

2>OIML IP68 Load cell approval ensure high accuracy weighing.

3>IP68 Stainless junction boxes

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60ton Digital weighbridge Application:

60ton digital weighbridge apply weighing on the steel factory,recycling center,quarries factory, concrete station,mines or rice center or oil station or logistic station,etc.

Normally the size for 60ton digital weighbridge is 3mx12m or 3mx16m


1.Design 6 pieces U beam design

2.U beam thickness design with 6mm

3.Pre camber machine to making platform have a high curves in Middle of platform

4.Auto welding machine to ensure welding is smooth and good strength

5.Shot blasting clean all dirty before painting


     Model 60ton Digital weighbridge
Accuracy class OIML(III) 10kg/20kg
 Capacity range 10-150(Ton)
 Safe overload 150%
Material Q235 steel
Thickness of plate 10mm or 12mm
     Structure U shape bridge construction stucture
Structure Thickness 6mm
Painting Anti rust and anti corrosion painting
   Work temperature Indicator:-10℃ to +40℃ Scale platform: -30℃ to +65℃
power supply 220V 50HZ to 230V 60HZ or 110V 60HZ
Packing detail Carton packing
Quality system ISO9001:2008
Certificate number 04809Q11426R0M
Produce permit certificate        China Metrology Certification
Standard accessory part include:
Weighing indicator Electronic type or digital type
Load cell/sensor Electronic type or digital type
Printer Epson
Junction boxes Waterproof type wire junction boxes(stainless)
Connect cable 20m or 30m(depends on the distance from scale house to scale)
Screw Bolts-screws,limit screw,loading cell screw,cover plate screw
Installation tools Inner six angle spanner,Uncrock spanners,Screwdriver.
Optional accessory part include:
Scoreboard Convenience for seeing weighing result in the long distance.
Weighing management software Install software in PC and operate the truck ID,tare,net,gross,accumulation etc intelligence automatic system.
PC     Brand desktop computer



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